Custom Reports

From the vast DPMSS database of over 81,000 dental merchandise products and over 450,000 individual product codes, SDM has the ability to provide special customized reports to meet your targeted, marketing needs:

  • Suppose you want to know the exact performance level of a specific brand among other brands of its type: for example, in Light-Cured Composites Capsules, the quarter $ and % market share of Prisma APH – B52 C2 compared to Prisma APH – B95 C3. Or compare Prisma with other competitive brands.The answer is simple – request a custom Product Code/SKU report.
  • You are preparing your marketing plan for the coming calendar year. What % of growth do you expect for each of your brands in a specific product category? What is your projected growth based on? Do you know the rate at which the category has grown within the last two years? Do you know the rate of new product introductions and their success levels?Our Year-To-Year Comparison Report will put all this information at your fingertips, effortlessly.
  • We can also help you measure the performance of all your products within a specific state compared to national share. Do you want to know the % market share of your brand in the state of Florida vs. its National % share? Is your product performing at a much higher level in the state of California than its national share? Why? Is there room to improve your national share?
  • Measure the strengths and weaknesses of your sales representatives, regionally — and pay commission based on sales performance by state. Does your product hold a 45% share in the West, while in the East a 22% share. Why is that? In which states or territory do you need to commit more marketing/sales resources? How does your brand’s market share by category compare to competitive brands in a given state?Analyzing a Territory/State report will assist you in unfolding your strengths and weaknesses, and provide a platform from which to revise current strategies and develop new, effective ones.

These are among the many ways in which you can utilize a customized DPMSS report to strengthen your company’s market position. Many customized reports can be made available at a nominal cost. Ask for price quotes.

Custom Reports Options

  • Category/Brand by Item Code
  • Category/Brand by State
  • Manufacturer by State for Specific Brands as % Share/National
  • Sales Territory/State
  • Manufacturer Ranking by Category, Qtr. $, Qtr. Share, % $ & Share Change
  • 12 Months Rolling Sales & Market Share Report
  • Year-To-Year Category/Brand Share Comparison
  • Category Summary by Qtr. $, Share/Qtr., YTD $

Or custom design your own reports.
Please submit an inquiry for custom reports by using the CONTACT form.