Dashboard Reporting

Transform your pool of DPMSS data into summary charts and graphs, providing at-a-glance insight for quick, actionable and effective decision-making.

Now, with the supplementary DPMSS dashboard option, you can easily monitor on a continual basis specific areas of business performance that you are interested in to improve your company’s performance.  Quickly identify and understand key market drivers, risks, and trends that affect your business.

DPMSS reports provide a tremendous amount of valuable data in each publication period. Complex data cannot be analyzed in a few short minutes for critical information relevant to quick decision-making. Analyzing the data pool provided with your DPMSS subscription is sometimes a task left to data specialists, who investigate the data based on management criteria and provide actionable reports to aid business planning. If you are a small company, without such data analysis resources, use of your DPMSS reports to guide your business may not necessarily be optimized to the fullest extent possible simply because you are already over-extended, focusing on the day-to-day operation of the business. These summary reports make it easier for business managers to spot vital industry information in an easily understood visual report format.

Dashboard reports require simple, one-time set-up with your initial dashboard option subscription and then your trends update automatically in each new DPMSS publication period.

You can create eight different matrix of your choice for on-going monitoring and your data is fully exportable for ease of use and sharing with colleagues.

Note: For maximum effectiveness, issues highlighted by dashboard reports
should be reviewed regularly, and supported by further details available in a
separate report that will aid in implementation of good decision-making.


Please call 201-635-9020 for a demonstration of Dashboard Reporting.

Pricing information can be found at the bottom of DPMSS US Pricing page, and is based on your current DPMSS standard report subscription. Note that this report cannot be purchased without already being a subscriber to the standard DPMSS reports – they are sold together.

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