Geo Reporting

View the dental industry at the national, state, city, zip code, or sales territory level.

Geographic Reporting provides an extremely useful reporting tool based on your subscriber DPMSS data that allows you to quickly grasp dental industry trends at the national level and also on a micro level, detailed by state, city, 3-digit zip code, or customized sales territory.

Analysis of geographic trends is a sure-fire way to help formulate your company’s strategic planning for improvements and growth and maximize allocation of valuable resources. The DPMSS Geographic Reporting feature has a range of functions including map generation and data exporting to help your management team make use of all the valuable data available.

DPMSS Geographic Reporting provides the ability to:

  • Assess regional behaviors — view how different brands and categories of product are sold in various parts of the country
  • Gauge average spending tendencies among dentist by geographic area
  • Evaluate possible impact of national or regional dental conventions on sales
  • Evaluate the strength or weakness of sales representatives by territory
  • Compare and assess regional and national market share performance


Please call 201-635-9020 for a demonstration of Geo Reporting.

Pricing information can be found at the bottom of DPMSS US Pricing page, and is based on your current DPMSS standard report subscription. Note that this report cannot be purchased without already being a subscriber to the standard DPMSS reports – they are sold together.

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