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Dental Industry Market Data

The only dental market research company that can accurately report monthly detailed sales and market share information on more than 90% of the United States dental consumables and equipment market. SDM Northcoast has also built a proprietary data mapping and matching process that has been refined over time to ensure data accuracy on more than 115 million lines of dental industry data.

Our Products & Services

SDM Northcoast provides the highest quality data regarding United States dental consumable product sales to dental offices through its new portal (SDM Analytics) as well as its traditional portal (SDM Classic). For both of these solutions, the company collects actual out-the-door retail sales data each month from participating dental dealers and direct sellers. Importantly, since the addition of new distribution data providers and direct sellers in March 2020, SDM Northcoast no longer estimates any dental industry data, and the company believes that it can accurately report hard monthly numbers for more than 90% of the United States dental consumable industry. Following collection, sales data are then processed to ensure that all sales are correctly categorized by manufacturer, brand and item number. A standard unit of measure is identified for each category and sales are expressed by both units and value.

In addition to its flagship dental consumable data portals, SDM Northcoast will be expanding its market data and analysis to include the United States dental equipment market, the Canadian dental consumable market, the Canadian dental equipment market, the United States Dental Service Organization (DSO) market, the United States Government market, and the United States Schools segment later this year. The company also offers custom reports and custom market research for its dental consumable and equipment manufacturing customers as well as its dental dealer partners.

Know Your Market

We know the availability of trusted, reliable, timely and actionable information is vital to decision making, and with the support of our contributing distributor partners and manufacturer customers we are poised to be steadfast in this focus.