Products & Services

DPMSS Reports

A precise measure of the relative market position of merchandise and laboratory products used by dentists, based on sales by dental dealers. Reports cover manufacturer and brand market shares, sales trends, by category, territory, entire market, and presented in the form of charts and graphs. Deeper analysis is available through Custom Reports request, and other reporting options.

Custom Reports

SDM can customize various reports for you from the vast DPMSS database of over 81,000 dental merchandise products and over 450,000 individual product codes to meet individual company targeted needs. Many DPMSS customized reports are available at a nominal cost– inquire about subscriber options.

Custom Market Research

Custom research studies include:

  • Volumetric Studies – sales potential forecasting for any new product.
  • Other Quantitative Studies – all sorts of survey work with dental professionals.
  • Qualitative Research (Focus Groups); In-depth Interviews; Web-based qualitative studies.

These studies are designed to meet customer specific needs using any one, or a combination of these approaches.

DTA Large Equipment Reports

These reports are specific to large equipment used by dentists that are sold by dental dealers (similar to DPMSS reports). Reports cover manufacturer share, sales trends, by category, territory, entire market, and presented in the form of charts and graphs. This report is co-branded by DTA (Dental Trade Alliance) and SDM (Strategic Data Marketing). Other reporting options available.

Dashboard Reporting

A management reporting tool that provides critical information and highlights key issues, drivers, risks, and trends in business performance– in a consolidated, visual format—on a regular basis. Transform your pool of DPMSS data into summary charts and graphs, providing at-a-glance insight for quick, actionable and effective decision-making to any number of users with ease. Dashboard reports are update instantly with each DPMSS publication period.

Geo Reporting

Access, analyze and drill through the wealth of DPMSS information to determine and understand performance trends in various parts of the country—by city, state, 3-digit zip code level, sales territory etc. This allows you to get a clear picture of sales activities and makeup of the region(s). Gauge average spending tendencies among dentist by geographic area. This feature have a range of functions including map generation and data exporting.