Who We Are

Your Primary Source for Dental Industry Market Data!

Who are we?

  • The only dental marketing, research company that exceeds 100 years of dental qualitative and quantitative data experience.
  • For 25 years, we have been the foremost go-to source of dental industry market data. Among our services have been publication of market share data; conducted countless focus group studies with dentists; custom one-on-one dentist studies; as well as internet studies which have supported market introduction of many new products.

Our strengths?

  • We understand data mining and reporting—our many years of processing data gives us an unquestionable set of knowledge/skills of how to handle all aspects of data for meaningful market interpretation.

What’s our focus?

  • Continue to make SDM Northcoast the premier source for market data in the dental industry: revenue trends, growth rates, market share, units sold, and pricing dynamics in both the dental consumable and equipment markets. We want customers to be able to use our data to make better executive decisions and accelerate internal growth rates!
    We know the availability of trusted, reliable, timely and actionable information is vital to decision making, and with the support of our contributing distributor partners and manufacturer customers we are poised to be steadfast in this focus.

What’s to come?  A complete solutions approach to market data availability.

Our intended areas of focus:

  • Dental consumable (based on dealer and direct manufacturer distributions).
  • Dental equipment (i.e. chairs, units, stools, lights, cabinetry).
  • High technology (CAD/CAM, digital impressions, CBCT, digital radiography).
  • Future growth forecasts report.
  • Publicly reported data (stock prices, valuation, market capitalization, industry news).
  • DSO industry news, growth rates, de novo expansion plans, contracts/deals
  • Dental laboratory report.
  • Amazon dental news.
  • We intend to offer consulting services (Business development, operational excellence, valuation).
  • Offer custom projects (focus group studies; one-on-one dentist studies; internet studies, and many others).

We are expanding our data sources:

  • Working aggressively to expand our dental data network, and committed to expand the number of contributing dealers to approximately double the data providers in our network to more than 40.
  • Already secured commitments from additional dental distributors, direct sellers and specialty product providers.

Expansions into other market segments—currently in negotiations with:

  • Dental implant companies to collect data on the dental implant market.
  • Companies in select orthodontic segments.
  • Identify and add many other important segments over time.

Update aspects of existing report formats and tools:

  • Significantly reduce reports publication time—with new algorithms in place, we expect to deliver monthly reports five business days after we receive the last dealer sales files.
  • Update consumable categories to better reflect how the industry wants to see data.
  • User-friendly, customized dashboards that will update automatically with new data.
  • Provide our web-based business intelligence tool to our customers at ‘no charge’.
  • Data directly feed into a customer or distributor’s existing business intelligence tool.
  • Publish a series of new detailed research reports to help our customers quickly analyze what is happening in the dental industry.
  • Beta test program updates before launching it broadly to our customer base.

These are among the many SDM Northcoast visions for implementation, which will be rolled out over time.