SDM Northcoast Data Portals

SDM Analytics Tool

  • SDM Northcoast has created a proprietary web based self-service data portal containing 250 million lines of dental consumable industry data. This data represents more than 90% of dental consumable transactions in the United States sold through distribution.
  • Data includes revenue/revenue growth, units sold/unit growth, average price/price growth, and market share for more than 900 individual dental product manufacturers.
  • Data can be sorted by manufacturer, by major product category, by minor product category, by sub minor category, by individual products (in some cases), by region, by state, or by three-digit zip code. All data can be viewed over any customizable time period.
  • Customers can easily ask questions in a drop-down menu format where users can quickly build customized charts and graphs of information. Users can save these tables, charts and graphs into a customized dashboard that will update automatically each month as new data arrives in the portal.

SDM Classic (formerly Dental Products Market Share Study – DPMSS)

  • We will continue to provide access to the legacy SDM portal and DPMSS methodology for customers who are familiar with this reporting format. We believe the user-friendly aspects of the new SDM Analytics portal makes this option a superior choice for new customers.

Market Research Reports

  • Since the SDM and Northcoast Data Analytics merger, SDM Northcoast has started to publish a series of new reports for its customers and data providers, including quarterly executive summary reports, COVID-19 reports, dental expenditure and dental consumable growth forecasts, and full-service vs. non full-service distributor growth reports. Later this year the company will launch an entire menu of new reports to help the industry find additional opportunities to grow. A full list of reports we have published is included on our Market Research Reports & Consulting Services webpage.

Data Based Consulting Services

  • Our team of professionally trained dental industry analysts will assist our customers in analyzing company specific market share trends by region, state, zip code, or by individual field sales representative if desired. Our analysts can help individual companies identify changing market trends, pricing issues, competitive threats, private label trends, and many other risk factors. The goal of this effort is to be an active partner in helping our customers find company specific opportunities to drive incremental growth.