SDM Northcoast Dental Industry Data and Analyst Reports

SDM Northcoast has built a team of professional dental industry data analysts and dental industry equity research analysts with over 100 years of experience covering the dental industry!

Since 1994, SDM Northcoast has been the only source for dental supply market growth and market share information in the United States! Each month our experienced data team collects actual point of sale transaction data from our data providers, processes the information, and publishes actual revenue, units, average price, and market share information for essentially every dental supply category and every dental company.

Our goal is to publish monthly dental data to our proprietary SDM Analytics and SDM Classic data portals within 25 days following the end of the month. The “Monthly data publication history” tab shows our actual data publication history.

While SDM Northcoast has long been the only source for dental industry market share data in the United States. Now, SDM Northcoast is also the only source for dental supplies and equipment data analysis and forecasting in the United States!

In 2020, SDM Northcoast’s analyst team started to forecast future dental industry growth rates and publish a series of new market research reports for SDM Northcoast customers, including COVID-19 reports, Quarterly Executive Summary Reports, Full-Service vs. Non-Full-Service Distributor Growth Reports, Dental Expenditure and Dental Consumable Growth Forecasts, CAD/CAM Equipment and Milling Consumables, Private Label Products Growth, Dental Equipment Quarterly, Dental Patient Traffic, and a series of Branded Products reports. SDM Northcoast will continue to significantly expand its catalog of regularly published reports in the future.

The “Analyst Reports” tab shows a complete list of the market research reports that SDM Northcoast has published to date!