Our SDM Classic portal allows users to access our United States Dental Products Market Share Studies (DPMSS), our dashboard reporting, and our geographic (Geo) reporting functions in their traditional format. The over 100 million lines of dental consumable data available in the SDM Classic portal is the same as SDM Analytics. However, SDM Analytics provides greater ease of use. Notably, we plan to phase out SDM Classic over time as customers gradually transition to SDM Analytics.

  1. Dental Products Market Share Studies (DPMSS) – SDM’s DPMSS provide accurate and timely manufacturer, product brand, product category and market share data. DPMSS enable users to identify market trends using five search parameters, including time period, territory, category, manufacturer, and brand, but does not offer some of the functionality benefits of SDM Analytics.
  2. Dashboard Reporting – With the supplementary DPMSS dashboard option, you can easily monitor specific areas of your business performance that you are interested in on a continual basis, providing at-a-glance insight to summary charts and graphs for quick, actionable and effective decision-making. Dashboard reports require simple, one-time set-up with your initial dashboard option subscription and then your trends update automatically in each new DPMSS publication period. You can create eight different matrices of your choice for on-going dashboard monitoring and your data is fully exportable for ease of use and sharing with colleagues. Similar to DPMSS, dashboard reporting is also part of the easier-to-use SDM Analytics portal as well.
  3. Geo Reporting – Geographic reporting allows you to quickly grasp dental industry trends on a micro level, detailed by state, city, 3-digit zip code, or customized sales territory. The DPMSS Geographic reporting feature has a range of functions, including map generation and data exporting to Microsoft Excel to help your management team make use of all the valuable data available. Similar to DPMSS, geographic reporting is also part of the easier-to-use SDM Analytics portal as well.

If you have additional questions about how to use SDM Classic, or if you would like to customize your company’s data offering, then please send an email to research@sdmnorthcoast.com to schedule a meeting or webinar.