SDM Northcoast data is continuously available on-line in two web-based visualization portals, SDM Classic and SDM Analytics. SDM Classic is the legacy data portal that customers have utilized since company inception in 1994. While many customers are accustomed to using this data portal and very comfortable with its capabilities, our effort has been focused on developing and expanding the new SDM Analytics data portal. In SDM Analytics, customers can use drop down menus of information to easily create tables, charts, and graphs of information that can be saved into a customized dashboard that will update automatically as new data arrives in the portal each month. SDM Northcoast customers can see dental industry revenue/revenue growth, units sold/unit growth, average price/price growth, and market share information for more than 900 dental product manufacturers and more than 8,600 dental brands. The data can be viewed by major product category, minor product category, subcategory, by manufacturer, by brand, by region, by state, by three-digit zip code, and by individual company-specific salesperson if necessary. In total, we report data on 580 total dental product categories (442 Merchandise & Small Equipment categories, 42 Large Equipment categories, and 96 Dental Laboratory and Lab Equipment categories.). While the data is identical in SDM Classic and SDM Analytics, we believe SDM Analytics provides the user with a better data viewing and analysis experience.