SDM Analytics

SDM Analytics – In October 2019, SDM Northcoast launched its new web-based data portal and business intelligence (BI) tool called SDM Analytics. The SDM Analytics portal allows customers to access more than 100 million lines of dental industry market share data in 375 dental consumable product categories, and 30 dental equipment categories (which launched January 2021!).

Through SDM Analytics, customers can ask questions in drop down menus creating easy to use tables, charts, and graphs, to analyze total dental revenue, total units sold, average price, and market share statistics, by manufacturer, by region, by state, by three-digit zip code, by individual sales territory, or by individual sales representative.

In addition, users can create customized dashboards of information that will update automatically as new data arrives in the SDM Northcoast data portal each month. If you have additional questions about how to use SDM Analytics, or if you would like to customize your company’s data offering, please send an email to to schedule a call, meeting, or webinar.