SDM Analytics

SDM Analytics – In October 2019, SDM Northcoast launched its new data portal and business intelligence (BI) tool called SDM Analytics. This BI tool allows customers to access more than 100 million lines of dental consumable data and enter search inquiries in easy to use drop down menus that provide data on 348 dental consumable product segments, including every major category, minor category, and sub minor category. Users can slice and dice our dental consumable data set, creating easy to use tables, charts, and graphs that show total revenue, revenue growth, market share by category, unit growth, unit share, and price growth among others. This dental industry data, which is very easily exported in to Microsoft Excel, can be sorted for any customizable time period, by manufacturer, by individual product, by segment by region, by state, or by three-digit zip code. In addition, users can now create customized dashboards of information that will automatically update as new data arrives in our portal each month that allow you to analyze your company’s performance and market share, by specific sales regions, individual sales territories, or by a specific sales representative. If you have additional questions about how to use SDM Analytics, or if you would like to customize your company’s data offering, then please send an email to to schedule a meeting or webinar.